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Midwest Tai Chi & Self Defense
609 N.Pine St. Suite 203
Burlington, WI 53105

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Tai Chi for Health   Weds 5pm, Thurs 7pm
Self Defense (All Ages) Weds 6:30pm Thurs 5:30pm

Thursday Evening Classes now being scheduled. Let us know about your preferences.

Cost: $45/month: One additional family member can join for $30.

Preregister: Sign up online and receive FREE online access to the Virtual Self Defense Video Lessons. To Signup online, please click the Join Now  link at www.dragonkenpo.us and email Coach Ron Pfeiffer at wi_ron@yahoo.com.

What Are the Benefits Of Tai Chi For Health?
Tai Chi was created in ancient China. Today, it is practiced throughout the world as a form of exercise for better health. Many studies have shown that Tai Chi is conducive to more efficient breathing, reduced blood pressure, cardiovascular endurance, increased bone density, increased strength and range of motion in joints, improved flexibility, reduced stress levels, improved immune function and heightened mood states.


Are you afraid of falling? Few if any training methods are better than Tai Chi for improving balance. Scientific studies conducted by Seoul National University in 2001 and the Arthritis Foundation of NSW (University of New South Wales) have shown that this program is quite safe and effective. Thousands of people with arthritis have gained pain relief and better quality of life by learning and practicing every day. Coach Pfeiffer teaches an approved Tai Chi curriculum and you can view his various certifications at www.taichiproductions.com (click Instructors/Wisconsin). Email Coach Pfeiffer at wi_ron@yahoo.com
What Are the Benefits Of Self Defense?
There is a real need for an effective method of protecting yourself and your family in today's often hostile and violent environments. While crime rates have recently been in decline, crime itself continues to be an ever present concern, because the police cannot protect you during an attack on the street. The best they can do is to attempt to arrest and punish criminals AFTER they have ALREADY victimized you. The ability to defend, protect yourself and your family, is ultimately a personal responsibility. The Kenpo System is logical, practical, and thorough. Armed with knowledge of Kenpo, you will be prepared to deal with a variety of attacks from all angles. The types of attacks Kenpo teaches to defend against fall into these major categories: grabs, pushes, punches, kicks, hugs and holds, locks and chokes, weapons, combinations, and multiple opponents. Kenpo is dedicated to developing each student’s potential, and increasing their proficiency to maximum levels. Hence, improved fitness combined with reduced stress and tension. You will notice an increase in your stamina and enthusiasm for everyday life. Coach Pfeiffer has taught a number of Tai Chi and Self Defense programs at various locations including at the Lake Geneva YMCA and at the University of Wisconsin, Parkside.
Self Defense For Adults
People from all walks of life study Kenpo. It can benefit you physically and mentally by improving your levels of fitness, coordination, self-confidence and self-esteem. Persons who compete in today's society will gain increased confidence to cope with any situation. The release of stress and tension are also gained from the consistent study of the art. Additionally, you will notice increased stamina and enthusiasm for life.
Self Defense For Youth
Many parents worry about their children being safe on the street. The well-being of a child can be threatened by adults as well as by other children. Kenpo teaches children to think instead of panic in a threatening or potentially dangerous situation. Kenpo training challenges the entire body. It helps develop balance, agility, poise, and dexterity that often neglected in team sports. Lessons are dynamic and challenging for children who are athletic, energetic, awkward, shy, bold, nice, or maybe a little wild every once in a while...
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Why study at our school? Just one of the differences is our Virtual Dojo (Online Training Videos). Due to our online training videos, which are used by Coach Pfeiffer's students from around the world (www.dragonkepo.net), new members can begin learning and review immediately. No waiting til the next lesson to see if you understand the technique just dial it up, online! 
Ready To Learn More?
A wealth of articles, member bios, history and reseach about self defense, tai chi, Midwest Tai Chi & Self Defense and World Dragon Kenpo is available for you now at www.wdkslayer.blogspot.com