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Location 442 S.Pine St. Burlington WI

Facilitator Master Trainer Ralph Dehner

Ralph has a B.S. in Holistic Studies with an emphasis on Wellness Management, is a Certified Occupational Therapy Practitioner and a Certified Personal Trainer. He started studying internal martial arts in the early 1970's and started a serious practice in 1990. Ralph is Professor Wang I'chih's senior student and has been a student of Professor Wang I'chih since 2002.

He is also one of 20 Certified Master/Trainers for Dr. Paul Lam’s “Tai Chi for Health” programs in the USA and teaches workshops on the therapeutic use of Tai Chi throughout the United States. He is currently the Tai Chi Instructor for studies proposed by the Occupational Medicine Department at the University of Cincinnati as well as the Tai Chi instructor for the university’s women’s golf team.

Ralph studied with Qi Gong Master Wang Jiwu in 1990 and received a lineage to teach Crane Flying Qi Gong from Master Wang in 1997. He has taught both Qi Gong and Tai Chi for Integrative Medicine Centers, hospitals, cancer centers, as well as Nursing Homes, Senior Centers and Mental Health facilities throughout the Cincinnati area.

Ralph has been a keynote speaker and a frequent presenter at state and regional conferences and recently at the International Tai Chi for Health Conference in Seoul, South Korea (Dec. 2006). He has also been a guest on local and regional radio shows. He has been interviewed for and featured in the Cincinnati Enquirer several times, as well as appearing on local television, in Cincinnati, presenting on health and wellness topics.

Tai Chi for Arthritis (TCA) Workshop Daily Schedule.

Starts at 9:00 AM, Mid-morning tea break

Lunch Break Noon  (lunch not provided), Mid-afternoon Tea Break

Ends at  5:00 PM

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Send Check or Money Order to:

Ron Pfeiffer, Senior Trainer
 8746 3rd Ave
 Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158

Email; ronaldpfeiffer@gmail.com
Phone: (262) 903-7012

Registration;   Who is Eligible?
Anyone with or without Tai Chi experience can participate in this workshop, however only qualified participants will be certified to teach and be listed as Certified Instructors on TaiChiProductions.com.

 Suitable participants include:
> Physical therapists or physiotherapists
> Tai Chi teachers and advanced students
> Nurses and rheumatology professionals
> Allied health professionals
> Exercise instructors
> Other similar health professionals
>Persons interested in expanding their Tai Chi knowledge 

Tai Chi for Arthritis is a program specially designed by Dr Paul Lam in conjunction with his Tai Chi associates and a team of medical experts. Based on the Sun Style Tai Chi, it is easy to learn, effective and safe. It improves flexibility, muscle strength and integrates the mind and body. Scientific studies have shown this program to significantly relieve pain and improve physical function.

You will receive study materials shortly after completing your registration. Pre-study of those materials will greatly enhance your workshop experience. If you are attending this workshop please register early enough so you have time to prepare.  

At the Conclusion of the Workshop You will:
> Learn how to teach the program.
> Gain knowledge of Tai Chi and about arthritis.
> Be able to perform the 12 movement Tai Chi for
Arthritis set.
> Learn what is tai chi and the features of
the program.
> Learn how the program works for arthritis.

“All participants will receive a certificate, although only qualified participants who have fulfilled all requirements will be certified to teach this program.” Certificates awarded for completion of workshiop include, TCA 1, TCA 2, Continuing Education Credits and Fall Prevention.

Senior Trainer Ron Pfeiffer
Midwest Tai Chi & Self Defense
442 S. Pine St. Burlington, WI 53105
Telephone: (262) 903 7012
Email: ronaldpfeiffer@gmail.com

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Arthritis Foundation Affiliated Instructors contact their local AF representative. Let us know if you need help with this.

There are a number of hotel/motel choices in the area.  Contact us if you need assistance with lodging.

Midwest Tai Chi & Self Defense Training Hall - Burlington, WI

9am - 5pm
each day

Cancellations are subject to a $35 cancellation fee.

Tai chi chuan (t'ai4 chi2 ch'üan2) (literal translation "Supreme Ultimate Fist") is an internal Chinese martial art practiced for both its defense training and health benefits. It is also typically practiced for a variety of other personal reasons: its hard and soft martial art technique, demonstration competitions, and longevity. Consequently, a multitude of training forms exist, both traditional and modern, which correspond to those aims. Some of tai chi chuan's training forms are especially known for being practiced at what most people categorize as slow movement.

Today, tai chi has spread worldwide. Most modern styles of tai chi trace their development to at least one of the five traditional schools: Chen, Yang, Wu/Hao, Wu and Sun.

Our lessons are primarily Sun Style Tai Chi.

What is Sun Style Tai Chi?

The Sun style  tai chi chuan was developed by Sun Lutang (1861-1932), who was considered expert in two other internal martial arts styles: xingyiquan and baguazhang before he came to study tai chi chuan. Today, Sun style ranks fourth in popularity and fifth in terms of seniority among the five family styles of tai chi chuan. He was also considered an accomplished Neo-Confucian and Taoist scholar, especially in the Yi Jing and the Tai chi classics. Sun learned Wu/Hao style tai chi chuan from Hao Weizhen, who was Li Yiyu's chief disciple.[1]

Besides his earlier xingyi and bagua training, Sun's experiences with Hao Weizhen, Yang Shaohou, Yang Chengfu and Wu Jianquan influenced the development of what is today recognized as the Sun style of tai chi chuan.[2] Sun's son Sun Cunzhou (1893-1963) and daughter, Sun Jianyun (1914-2003) were tai chi chuan teachers, as well as Sun Cunzhou's daughter Sun Shurong (1918-2005) who taught in Beijing until her death.

Sun style tai chi chuan is well known for its smooth, flowing movements which omit the more physically vigorous crouching, leaping and fa jin of some other styles. The footwork of Sun style is unique, when one foot advances or retreats the other follows. It also uses an open palm throughout the entirety of its main form, and exhibits small circular movements with the hand. Its gentle postures and high stances make it very suitable for geriatric exercise and martial arts therapy.

Source; Wikipedia

Midwest Tai Chi and Self Defense teaches the following Tai Chi Styles and Forms. 

 1.  Tai Chi for Arthritis 12 Forms
 2.  Tai Chi for Arthritis II
 3.  Tai Chi for Back Pain
 4.  Tai Chi for Osteoporosis
 5.  Tai Chi for Energy

 6.  Sun Style 73 Forms
 7.  Yang 24 Forms
 8.  Yang 32 Sword Forms
 9.  Sun 97 Traditional Forms
10. Chen 36 Forms

We are always looking for new members. Give us a call anytime, or just stop by.

Tai Chi for Health Lessons are held Weds at 5pm and Thurs at 7pm.

Call (262) 903-7012 for details.

Midwest Tai Chi & Self Defense
442 S. Pine St.
Burlington, WI  53158